Thanksgiving weekend is going to be off the hook! JERAMY NORRIS AND THE DANGEROUS MOOD  will be here for two nights rocking the stage! I hope to see you out!

This Tuesday night, we have an open mic night. Singers, musicians, songwriters, poets, short story teller, come on out and be heard. It starts about 7 pm and is a blast!

Every Thursday, MR TIM DALTON hosts The Awesomest Karaoke around!

"Granite Store", perhaps because the front and back walls are made of solid granite blocks. The sidewalls are made of "shist" rock and mortar and the roof consists of three feet of sod, covered by tin.

James Tannahill was the first owner of the store that would become the Iron Door Saloon and served the Groveland community as the first Postmaster from 1863 to 1880, running the post office in the store.

The establishment became a saloon in 1896 when it was purchased by Giacomo DeFarrari and was named "Jake's Place."

In 1937 a second story was added and cards, billiards and pool were offered for an evenings diversion. The establishment was renamed "The Iron Door Saloon" after the hefty iron doors which had been hauled in on mule back across the Tuolumne River by way of Wards Ferry. These iron doors were manufactured in England and broung around the tip of South America by sailing ship and sold to the saloon as a fire protection device. The idea was that if the town was burning, you just shut the doors and waited it out.

The iron doors on the front of the saloon today are the same ones originally fitted. Inside, you will be treated to a page from history. In addition to some stray bullet holes, you'll find the finest looking back bar in the Yosemite area, historic pictures of Hetch Hetchy in pre-O'Shaughnessy Dam days, and many antique gold mining, timber and farm implements of the old West.

You'll also see historic pictures of John Muir, the founder of the Sierra Club, and spectacular scenery of Yosemite Valley. There is a tribute to Black Bart, the famous "Gentleman Stage Coach Robber", and a natural history museum of indigenous animal species of the Sierra and their status in the wild.

The Iron Door Saloon receives guests from all over the world, passing through on their way to Yosemite. Children are welcome to peruse the unique collection of artifacts. (Click here to see children's menu at the Iron Door Grill.)

The Iron Door Saloon has live music every weekend of the year with a good variety of musical groups and styles and dancing is a favorite activity. The Iron Door Saloon staff is thoroughly knowledgeable of the camp grounds, hotels and motels in the area, along with hikes and trails, rivers and lakes that should not be missed if you are to get the full experience of these most beautiful mountains.

The Iron Door Saloon is always happy to steer you to where the fish are biting, where the eagles are flying, or to those little known streams for a quiet afternoon away from it all.

The Iron Door Saloon is also available for private parties, for wedding receptions, birthday or anniversary parties, or just for the fun of it. The Iron Door Grill & Old Fashioned Soda Fountain can provide catering for any party. Let the Iron Door Saloon staff make your trip to the Sierra as splendid as the scenic environment surrounding you.